Why Clean Reads?

Readers aren’t always able to find the kind of content they are looking for. Authors are also not able to find each other. The purpose of this site is to increase the visibility of clean reads authors, making networking easier and helping readers find books that align with their tastes.

How are Clean Reads defined?

Clean reads can mean different things to different people. While some may feel zero tolerance of any language, sensuality, or violence equals a clean read, others feel that two or three uses of profanity are acceptable. If a reader picks up a book expecting zero instances of any content they feel shouldn’t belong in a clean reads book, the author may find themselves with a poor review.

That is where this directory comes in. Authors are able to state what they include in their books, giving the readers an opportunity to match their needs with appropriate authors.

Does this site offer book reviews of Clean Reads?

No. There are other sites that provide book reviews and are doing a fine job of that. If you have found a book that is a clean read and you want others to know about it, the best thing you can do is leave a review on the author’s sales page. This will not only let other readers know if a book is clean, but it will also be a huge help to the author.

Can authors have their names added to the directory?

Sure. If the author writes books that are clean reads, they can be added to the list. Again, we are targeting readers who are deliberately looking for clean books. If your book is not clean, it will not meet the expectations of readers who will be browsing this site. There are other lists and communities that might be better suited to non-clean reads authors.

What genres can be listed?

All genres. If an author writes clean books, they can be listed. It is important for readers to know what their options are.

Who runs CleanReadsAuthors.com?

This site is run by an author who writes clean fiction. Cheryl can be found at C. A. Edwards Books.

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